Hi, I'm Prabhav Khandelwal. more
I make websites and stuff.

I'm a Delhi-bred freelance designer currently studying Cognitive Design, Human-Computer Interaction, and Design at the University of California at San Diego. My vices include typographic pornography, obscure Indian music, Manchester United and (thinking about) writing.

I've been freelancing making websites & stuff since high school, and somehow am still managing to do it through college. On campus, I'm co-founded UC San Diego's first student-run design consultancy, Studio 1346 and also served as a studio lead with Design for America.

The ’Zine Online magazine run by Meghna Gulati that seeks to provide a platform for opinion and thought.

Varun Chopra’s Portfolio Portfolio for the award-winning filmmaker, Varun Chopra.

Volo Volo is an app that lets travelers feel like locals, everywhere—connecting travelers with cool locals around the globe for authentic & personal experiences.

Divergent Engineering Website for student club organization, Divergent Engineering at UC San Diego.

An archive of stuff that got swept under the rug.

The ’Zine v1
The old site for The ’Zine. Was pretty, but bad backend + non-functional design.
A one-issue-wonder music magazine.
Model UN Conference hosted by my high school.
Modules Splash Page
Bright and bold landing page for Modules. I really liked how opinionated this was.
Personality Pillars
Site for my friend's mom's personality development class. The way I got paid for this one was super cute.
Splash page for a college admissions consultancy. This one never got to see the light of day.
Exun Prelims
Cute little page I whipped up for the Creative Event at Exun, DPS RK Puram. 2014? 2015? Huh?
Page for the fun android game, MilkyWay. Made by one of my best friends in the world, when he was 15.
The event site for the annual competition my school's computer club hosts. This one's from 2014? 2015? Huh?
Black & Yellow
Random shit I cooked up in all the weird places. This one never fails to make me smile.